Please interview an adult that has lived in a U.S. region or is very knowledgeable about one of the five regions.
Your interview should be no longer than 5 minutes. You need to ask at least one question from each category.
Your interview may include visual aides or artifacts from your region. Have fun and be creative!

1. Create your video and name your interview with your username.
Ex. dlv3 northeast region
2. Upload your video to your wiki. (try to save as .wmv, .avi, or .mov)
  • Once you are on your page, click File
  • Click Upload Files
  • Find your video and double click on it.
  • When it shows up on the file screen ,double click on it and it should show up on your page.
  • Click Save


1.) What natural resources do people in this region use to meet their needs and wants?
2.) What type of things do people make, buy and sell in this region?
3.) What types of jobs are prevalent in your region?


4.) What physical features do you notice on the map of your region?
5.) Describe the climate of your region.
6.) What interesting facts can you share about the plant and animal life in your region?

Political Science

7.) What can you share about your state's government?
8.) What laws are currently being drafted, changed, voted on, or debated?
9.) Are there any current events in the news about the region/state?


10.) What happened in the past? What historical events that took place in your state or region?
11.) Who took part in these events?
12.) How and why did these things happen?